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A collage of various children playing.

Miraculous families!

Every day, MM strives to provide an unparalleled school experience for its students, team members, and families. There is much more we want to accomplish, and this is just the beginning!

Safety Is Our Top Concern

Our first priority is to increase security measures so we continue to do all we can to be prepared for any event and keep our kids safe. We intend on updating our security system for both our Infant entrance door and main lobby door in order to provide a safer and more efficient school experience for our enrolled students and teaching staff.

Help Us Enhance our playground experience!

We also have exciting plans to enhance our playground to offer endless opportunities for students to explore, learn, and play while promoting their creative problem solving, and socialization, and fine and gross motor skills. With your generosity, we can provide new playground equipment and toys, such as bikes, sensory bins, and a toddler play structure.

Major Items That We'll Be Fundraising For

  • Upgrade to the infant entrance door and improved door security
  • Upgrade to all MM exterior doors and an improved security system to provide real time alerts and access control
  • Playground equipment and playground art
  • Window shades
  • Classroom furniture to improve storage needs
  • 6-seat infant buggy for improved mobility
  • Water filtration system for indoor and playground areas