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Educating our youth to become confident leaders

Jaime Luu is an educational specialist with her Master's in Early Childhood Education and over a decade of experience ranging from teaching in the classroom and individualized setting to building and running an educational center from the ground up. She has worked with students ranging from preschool to college and adulthood, developing customized programs to optimize academic outcomes. By providing personalized support, she proudly watches her students work hard to strengthen skills, overcome obstacles, and reach academic success.

Mission of Miraculous Milestones Preschool is to ignite a love for learning

The mission of Miraculous Milestones Preschool is to ignite a love for learning. We believe learning is exciting and empowering. We strive to provide quality education, care, and support for families seeking a high-quality, child-centered educational experience for their young children.


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Our unique relationship approach provides a positive learning experience

We believe true learning is most effectively cultivated in a motivating and engaging environment where students feel understood, respected, and valued. We provide a positive learning experience that builds lifelong skills, such as focus, self-awareness, and grit. At Miraculous Milestones, our highly qualified teaching teams understand how to strike a balance of intentional group instruction and targeted individualized attention using a leading research based, whole child curriculum.

Engaging environment 5 days a week

Open between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM

A full day of fun activities, events, and education

Our Programs

Our Programs Are Designed Around Developmental Milestones Based On Age


In our infant room, we strive to create a secure and nurturing environment for our infants. Our teachers do their best to ensure the infants feel safe and comfortable by forming loving, trusting relationships and encouraging them to explore and make sense of the world around them.

Our infant program provides:

  • A loving and nurturing environment
  • A low student-teacher ratio
  • Strong and consistent communication between parents and teachers
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Our Curriculum

We proudly offer a research based, whole-child curriculum with clear objectives for development and learning. The curriculum inspires learning through project-based investigations that help our students become empowered, confident, and caring learners. Instruction is individualized to each students' strengths and needs. The comprehensive curriculum covers the following domains.

The Arts





Social Studies


Science & Technology


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Liberty Baptist Church
1000 Bison Avenue
Newport Beach CA, 92660

Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

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