Toddler Program

Growing Little Explorers

Our toddler room is designed for little explorers to make friends and socialize while engaging in a fun thematic curriculum. Toddlers have a structured daily schedule balanced with circle time, table activities, music and movement, and play. We offer low teacher to student ratios so our loving and patient teachers can work one on one and in small groups to provide attentive care and interesting activities while preparing our children for preschool.

*Our toddler program is currently waitlisted at the moment.

The toddler program focuses on:

  • Building language skills
  • Promoting dramatic/imaginative play
  • Strengthening fine motor skills
  • Providing thematic and engaging curriculum
  • Sensory experiences

Our curriculum also instills Christian values by incorporating:

  • Bible stories
  • Weekly verses and vocabulary words
  • Praying throughout the day

Transitioning Into Preschool

To transition to the preschool room, each child must have strong communication skills, fine motor skills, a greater independence with tasks, and be able to follow simple two-step directions in the context of a classroom setting.