Pre-K Program

Where Students Become Early Readers

The Pre-K room is the area Jaime was most thrilled to develop, due to her background in education and her experience working with school-aged children. For the past ten years, she has grown to understand what students need to be successful in school and is excited to bring her early childhood education experience into practice with Pre-K, as it is the precursor to kindergarten and elementary education.

*Our Pre-K program is currently waitlisted at the moment.

The Pre-K program fosters a balance of structure and free play. Certain times of the day will be dedicated to large group instruction, while still providing opportunities for small group instruction catered toward students’ individual needs. Along with practicing their social-emotional skills, students will develop a foundation in:

  • letter recognition
  • phonics
  • number sense

Our goal for Pre-K students is to become early readers and have a strong math foundation, allowing them to enter kindergarten with confidence and an eager spirit to learn.

What's the difference between Preschool and Pre-K?

In our preschool classroom, the program focuses more on exposing students to academic skills and having a structured day. They learn classroom skills, transitions, and following directions while being exposed to academic concepts like letters, phonics, and counting.

On the other hand, our Pre-K classroom focuses on creating a strong foundation of those skills in order to push them to demonstrate their knowledge in a more measurable way. Our goal is for them to become early readers and be able to showcase their abilities through paper-to-pencil skills with more independence.

We cover Bible verses every week, sing Bible songs, and say a prayer before each meal

We develop an understanding of Christ’s love through weekly chapel and Bible verses, daily Bible songs and prayers. With these practices the children can learn the skills of storytelling, problem-solving, and grasp an understanding of God through His word. Our goal is to encourage a strong and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

"Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

Is my child ready to go to kindergarten?

Our overall goal for our Pre-K students by the end of the year is for them to have a deep, foundational understanding of letters, phonics, and numbers, as well as confidence in classroom skills that will provide a smoother transition into kindergarten.


Students will work towards identifying letters and their corresponding sounds. They will have practice blending sounds with CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and learning basic high frequency words. This will give students a strong foundation to take an interest in reading, which in turn will help foster excitement!

What Is The Transition Between The Preschool Room Going Into Pre-K?

In order to transition from the preschool room to the Pre-K classroom, your child must have their potty-training skills mastered and be able to handle transitions and follow directions easily. This is essential, as they will be moving away from gaining a foundational understanding through sensory activities to showcasing what they know academically in a more measurable way using their paper-to-pencil skills.

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